House Rules


  • Using the Silver Age Sentinels character creation system in Chapter 2, create your character using 175 Points. Just about every ability and drawback is allowed, but everything should be approved before you begin play.
  • You should not have above a 14 is more than one ability stat at creation.


  • XP is player-based, not character based. However, backup characters or “alts” are always 25 points below the main character. If a character dies, therefore, their replacement character will be created using 25 points less than your former character at the time of death.
  • XP is also participation-based. If a player basically sits in a corner or otherwise CHOOSES not to participate in a combat, puzzle or activity while the others in the party are, they get less than the others. It doesn’t seem fair to us to grant equal XP for unequal effort. If the player or character has no choice – i.e. knocked out or held – that is another matter.
  • Bonus XP will also be handed out for participating in the Roleplaying Forums.

House Rules

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